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Specialist DJs for Different Age Groups

Not all children's disco parties are the same!

In our experience, there are three distinct age ranges for kids' disco parties, each requiring a unique set of skills and a different approach

Our DJs clearly advise the age groups they are experienced in, so you can easily select a disco provider that best meets the needs of your particular event

0 - 6 years

Disco Parties for Toddlers

Up to 6 years of age, the vast majority of children have little interest in popular music aside from perhaps a handful of very current hits that they pick up from their surroundings. They are more likely to latch on to music from their favourite films, TV shows or stuff that their parents play regularly to suit their own tastes.

Concentration spans are also short, so the party needs constant monitoring and chopping and changing of activities to keep the children interested, with lots of interaction, and, for the older ones in this age range, plenty of games and silly dances.

Parties for this age group invariably have lots of adults present for supervision, so a good DJ will also encourage participation from the parents so that everyone has a memorable couple of hours!

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7 - 11 years

Disco Parties for "Tweenies"

Kids in this age range are usually more aware of current and recent pop music, and can draw on several years' experience of music in films and TV shows along with their parents' favourite bands

They are more likely to want to dance and play participation games independently of their parents, but there is usually a tendency to congregate in gender based groups so a good DJ will spot these trends and try to mix things up a bit to ensure everyone has a good time

Popular party dances are a must, and for the less confident some guidance from the DJ for the participation songs goes a long way to ensuring a memorable few hours!

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12 - 15 years

Disco Parties for Young Teens

By now children in this age group have experienced plenty of "cheesy" family parties and school discos, and often consider themselves "too cool" to be seen dancing to yesterday's tunes

Any DJ experienced with these ages will be ultra-responsive to requests, watching out of course for songs containing bad language or innuendo, be able to mix different musical styles "on the fly" and know when is the right time to be interactive based on the mood of the room

Top-notch equipment is a must if the DJ is to impress, with quality lighting effects and a PA system with pumping bass - in short, a mini nightclub experience!

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